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Automated Advertisement Fail

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Automated Advertisement Fail

Posted in : advertisement, fail on by : TruXter

I was searching online for some batteries for the back up power-supply we have on the server. These batteries are huge, like 3 inches buy 6 inches by 4 inches.

server back up batteries

psu bats

Much like those.
While in the search for the batteries I also looked up a battery tray, because well, our battery back up psu tray has a faulty wire, which explains the dead batteries. Right?
Well Here is the add I looked at. Note that the price is perfect for the power-supply. But look at the suggested add below.


This kind of disappoints me a bit. Considering these guys advertise on my site, and I hand selected this company because I respect their products and prices.
Ehh such is life.. So what, superman wears his underwear on the outside. No one’s perfect