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Burn a CD or DVD when you don’t have the software

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Burn a CD or DVD when you don’t have the software

Posted in : cd rom, cds, computer, how to, howto, software on by : TruXter

So you have a windows computer, and the computer has a cd burner or dvd burner on it. you’ve looked all around the software and can not find nero or power dvd/cyberlink or any other software known for burning discs.

There’s a good fix and it is free.

It is called CDburnerXP
The name clearly has been around since the windows , and yes the name reflects a time long gone. Clearly they didn’t think ahead when they started the project. doesn’t matter what the name, the software is lightweight, easy to use and does exactly what is expected. Burns your cd or dvd. Will burn either one and seems to work with any brand of typical burner. The burner software even comes with dvd intro selections.

How to burn a CD with CDBurner Xp
Install CDBurner Xp
Insert  a CD into your CD burner on your computer
You should get a menu asking you what you want to do with  the new blank disk. Select the CDBurnerXP option.
Next menu asks you what type of disc are you trying to create. If it’s just files to back up, select Data. I use this option for pictures.
If you want the disc to be  playable media select the  other options related.  but let’s do “Data” for this example.
The next window will be titled “data compilation” look near bottom left where you see the word “Disc” with a cd symbol to the left of it. Right click the word “Disc” and select “rename” from the menu. Now type the desired name of the disc your burning.
Just drag and drop the files you want to burn in the area that says “Drag and Drop Files Here”
When ready just click the burn icon, fifth from the left at the top row.
Now you just click burn. Your cd should eject when done.
Free, fact and light weight.
Been using this software for years and I tell the creator thank you every time I download it. I won’t even use name brand anymore.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below.


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