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ContestTexts.net Scam Text Message

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ContestTexts.net Scam Text Message

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cellphone, scam on by : TruXter

Yet another spam text message came to my phone today.

Another text message from a scammer claiming I have been entered into some sort of a contest and have been made eligible for a prize.

wxchequer%kbrnd_dit[1-4] ContestTexts.net:You’ve finished Fourth in our Contest! Your Code is: XXXXX ContestTexts.net

Looks like the moron messed up his scammer application this time.

Here’s a few more scams We have received here in the past few days.


Poll trying to see if certain phone companies are selling our data

2 thoughts on ContestTexts.net Scam Text Message

  • carrie upright 2012/12/12

    he said name is nick and he gave me code I appercated if he would send another these scams thank u carrie

  • TruXter 2012/12/12

    Really ?? why???

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