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Gift-Winner.org Text Messages are Scams

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Gift-Winner.org Text Messages are Scams

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cellphone, scam on by : TruXter

Just like yesterday’s scam, we have yet another text message scammer sending out links to a phone virus and getting bundles of confirmed phone numbers.

Gift-Winner.org Sends out a text message telling you that you have won some prize or contest and that you need to click a link http://Gift-Winner.org/xxx and requests that you put in a 4 digit code. It’s pretty safe to say that the 4 digits at the end of address are what confirm your phone number is real and the other 4 are just for show. The instance you click that link, your phone number gets sold to billions of spammers, and that virus on your phone, starts sending out the same text message you just received.

 Your phone last day WON! Open http://gift-winner.orgxxxx and enter code xxxx

Notice they don’t say you you actually won anything you can obtain. and they don’t say that you will get anything by clicking that link and entering that code in they just say “open” and “enter the code”. They are trying to beat the legal system by not directly  saying anything that could get them more fines and penalties.

Gift-Winner.org is a scam, do not click the link..

And yet again, Gift-Winner.Org is a website that just popped up today. This guy seriously needs to be stopped.


Question is, what have we all signed to that is the same? is it phone carrier? facebook? twitter? someone is selling our numbers out right?




Do not hit the share button on that page or this will get out of hand. The share count does not go up.

Notice the image in this page has the exact same “likes” count.



Poll trying to see if certain phone companies are selling our data

5 thoughts on Gift-Winner.org Text Messages are Scams

  • Jay D 2012/12/07

    Yeah, I just got this text. Didn’t hear about any scam yesterday, though. I’m glad I decided to check this out, and that, for once, my paranoia paid off.

  • Patty S Goodwin 2012/12/07

    I got texts from this also yesterday and today, I sent back a text to please remove my number from their list. Hopefully this did not give them more fuel, how do we stop them? Any ideas?

  • TruXter 2012/12/07

    I am sorry to inform you that you most likely just confirmed yourself and your number as being an actual number. and the odds are greatly in favor of the culprit selling your phone number to hundreds of spammers.

    Also allows phone spoofing. meaning you might get millions of calls from angry people who think you just texted them a message because the spammer cloned your phone number and carrier info.

  • Billy 2012/12/07

    Send “STOP” to the text number. This is part of the contract they gave on their website and they must stop if you tell them to.

  • TruXter 2012/12/08

    Sorry billy but that sounds like a trap.

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