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How To Block The Spam on Your Cricket Phone

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Since the new Policy change at Cricket , they have allowed us to opt out of the advertisement types. Such as; web browser spam, and text message notifications.
We here at TruXter Tech decided to run through them all and opt ourselves out of them all. Here’s how we did it.


Are you getting Strange Spam Text Messages Lately?

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We are trying to find the connection in all of these text messages that everyone seems to be getting. So we are checking to see if certain phone companies are either compromised or selling our phone numbers out to the next bidder.

XmasTarget.Com website that the text message spam wants you to visit.

Are You Getting XmasTarget.Com spam text messages?

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The people who send these text messages are just expecting you to type in your special code and it will tell you that your code is valid, then the website will redirect you to a page to type in your email. your email address will then be sold to hundreds and hundreds of spam websites. The en… no prize no gift. Read the message agin, you won nothing. They do not say you won. They do not owe you anything, you willingly gave your email address to a spam broker (I shall coin that phrase!!!)