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How To Block The Spam on Your Cricket Phone

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cell phones, cellphone, cellular, how, how to, howto, phone on by : TruXter

Since the new Policy change at Cricket , they have allowed us to opt out of the advertisement types. Such as; web browser spam, and text message notifications.
We here at TruXter Tech decided to run through them all and opt ourselves out of them all. Here’s how we did it.


Ok you didn’t get your Iphone 5

Posted in : cell phone, cell phones, cellphone, cellular, phone on by : TruXter

Get over it, quit griping and start buying your iphone 4s already so you can be one of the first people say “yeah I bought one, they are awesome you should get one” and then when everyone gets one you can say “yeah I’ve had mine, I know it all, big deal” in the most smug manor. Like all mac tards.