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Tmobile G2 Pre-Order

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Tmobile G2 Pre-Order

Posted in : cell phone, cell phones, cellphone, cellular, phone on by : TruXter

T-mobile users got the text message today to pre-order the G2 today before anyone else gets a chance.

Click to Enlarge picture of G2

Looks great. Nice thin Strong sturdy looking with full keyboard
Exactly what we needed. This is the G2. Htc you and T-mobile have really done well this time.

Back of G2

I am going to have to order myself a G2 and chunk my G1 in a drawer for a few months. Unless I really like the G2.

HTC G2 Keyboard

Side of G2

My only complaint or wish is I hope they aren’t all that brushed steel look. I hope there is a black brushed steel looking version of these phones.