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Adsense and mobile

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Adsense and mobile

Posted in : adsense, android, cell phone, cell phones, cellphone, cellular, google, Tech News on by : TruXter

Google finally updated the adsense page script. You can now see your adsense account with your android mobile browsers.
This is great news. Considering there have been a handfull of android applications that would steal your credintials for your adsense account.
So far it has been tested by me, on the default browser that comes with my android tmobile G1, and with my opera mini mobile browser. Before the revamp, adsense page would only show left 80% of the page. Just enough to hide totals of pay. And well, that was frustrating.
On another note, clicking the link at top right of your adsense account to see new adsense, is death. The beta adsense page takes forever and will not open. I tested with default android browser, and opera via wifi connection of 28mbs.
If you click it, it takes forever and some fancy footwork to get back to old adsense view.

Have fun all.

Posted via Android. dont mind the typos. I’ll fix em later.