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Giving Adbrite another Try

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Giving Adbrite another Try

Posted in : advertisement on by : TruXter

A while back I wrote “Adbrite Vs Adsense” took a year to gather the information for that review.
one thing that makes that post unfair, is I was not using an advantage that Adbrite has over Adsense. Adbrite uses inline ads, and adsense no longer does that. Or at least my account does not. I am not going to use the full page pop-up pop-under ads that Adbrite uses, since that annoys me even more than inline ads.
I took some time to read other reviews of Adbrite affiliates and they all use the inline ads and make a ton more money than what I made.
One downside is I know that Adbrite ads are not very “on topic” which means I could be talking about computers and Ipads, while the Adbrite ads will be about a laxative.
I have used inline ads before and saw a drastic drop in my site traffic when I did so. My return visits nearly stopped completely. But i have to do it. I need the money.

I will turn off my ad blocking (modified hosts file), and check my posts individually and see how well I am holding with my ads. See if my ads offend me. if they do then i will have to remove them. If I can’t stand it, then I am sure my readers can’t stand the ads.

If you have any idea how Adbrite pays, let me know. i am still not impressed and need some positive comments from experienced users. Or negitive if it’s really needed.