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Grand Theft Auto The Movie

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Grand Theft Auto The Movie

Posted in : entertainment on by : TruXter

The first movie of grand theft auto was done  with Ron Howard as the star actor. It was done in 1977 writen and acted  and directed by Ron Howard. Here is the Imdb link to the movie.

With that said let’s get to what you are looking for. Someone at a website titled ” Cinematical” Wrote a story that leads to a hopefull movie starring Eminem, the singer (?) Rapper (?) > I myself am not sure how that would work out. He isn’t much of an actor. I guesse he could play the role of the guy from GTAIII. No talking no speech. I could better see Christian slater playing the role of Tommy Vercetti. I could see YOUNG MAYLAY (the guy that did the CJ voice in San Andreas) Playing carl Johnson in The part three of The movie GTA . Yes I would assume it would have to be called  GTA Because of copy rights and stuff with Ron Howard’s movie. I totally respect that. Heck I could see Ron Howard Playing Donald Love. Lazlow would surely have to play Lazlow.

See I ran across those links trying to find a place on the internet with best story behind the whole GTA games to tie it all together. I would love to print it out and set it on the back of my father’s toilet. He would have no choice but to read it, and then he could join in the conversations between my son and I around him.

Of course I came up with no find so I started searching to see if anyone has taken the time to put all the cutscenes together and some how put the whole story together, even if it means a brief description of the ingame between. again no find. So here I am giving you guys a couple links I found with the same hope I have to see a movie or a book come up.

Additional Entertainment Videos

From CharmingCharlie at GTAFORUMS.COM

I got some more stuff, in his words

Gamespot did a “video history” of GTA shortly after GTA SA came out so it is “almost” complete and is just missing GTA 4, you can find that here :-


Then there is the IGN article that did a pretty comprehensive write up of the history of GTA and the some of the back story to people like David Jones, Sam and Dan Houser, here is the link :-


Returning to videos, this is a f*cking cool video history here :-


I love the music in it and I also love the starting credit “In October of 1997, Grand Theft Auto was born, first on the PC ….” I love that bit.