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Mac and Windows Dual Desktop

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Mac and Windows Dual Desktop

Posted in : Tech News on by : TruXter

From Life Hacker:

First off, i have to say, the screen shots are remarkable.

Reader Dylan Boom shows how to mix operating systems environments with style in his Mac Meets Windows Dual-Desktop. Dylan is running OS X with XP in a virtual machine, and each system is completely customized to form a beautiful transition between Mac and Windows. Frankly, neither system puts the other to shame. Here’s a rundown of all the hardware, apps, and tweaks Dylan made to both operating systems to pull off this pleasant coexistence:

Check back with Life Hacker:

for full specs.

Sorry for the lack of creativity, i am currently at work right now and don’t have a bunch of time. But I do like the article. I don’t like mac, but i love seeing mac people want to use another operating system. Kinda proves how useless a mac is.