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Ok, I need your help,spamming my sites.

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  41. Ok, I need your help,spamming my sites.

Ok, I need your help,spamming my sites.

Posted in : blog, chat, forum, music, musical expression, musician site, network, networking, profile, social, social network, social networking, social networking | forum, tech blog, Tech News, work chat, work forum, writer chat, writer forum on by : TruXter

I have been very busy with my social sites.
I will index them all in google and yahoo very soon. When I am done after I get a few people on each of them and get a few complaints and requests so
I can tweak the site. The launches will all be at the same time. So yeah I will get very drunk and and celebrate my efforts on that day.
Thanks to those who have helped and believed in my efforts and knew that I could do this.
I will take  two shots for each of ya.

This is what I have been wasting my time with.







I am sure atleast one pertains to your interests in some shape or fashion.

Do me favor, Sign up to one and make a post for me.
I need to see how well the sites handle stuff before I go full
release with this stuff.  Also let me know what you think and what you
might want to suggest.