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When did Tech Forums Become So Useless?

Posted in : forum, phone, review, tech on by : TruXter

Found myself in a tech support forum looking for help, leaving there very unhelped, unsatisfied and kind of bullied. Tech forums seem to have become the guy that argues the best, is the go-to guy for tech help these days. and that seems to have killed off a lot of people’s desire to visit tech forums. This is my experience with the latest forum I went to… and a little back story. Phone never got fixed


Social media getting shot back at.

Posted in : browser, buddy, buddy list, chat room, chatroom, chatterbox, digg, diggnation, forum, social, social network, social networking, social networking | forum, Tech News on by : TruXter

looks like is under fire according to The complaints highlight an irony for Web sites that stimulate online communities and let users speak…


Ok, I need your help,spamming my sites.

Posted in : blog, chat, forum, music, musical expression, musician site, network, networking, profile, social, social network, social networking, social networking | forum, tech blog, Tech News, work chat, work forum, writer chat, writer forum on by : TruXter

I have been very busy with my social sites. I will index them all in google and yahoo very soon. When I am done after…