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Opera Mini 5

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Opera Mini 5

Posted in : browser, navigation, review on by : TruXter

Installed on blackberry 8100 rim and on G1 android.
I was using opera mini on my lg flip phone and Motorola rizr and blackberry for years before I got my android. Seems my rizr didn’t quite measure up so I had to install version 4.
I’m not too keen on opera on my computer. Feels kinda netscape navigator-ish.

The blackberry install was fast. Use was very smooth. Impressive appearance. Small pop ups look druple like. Could not find settings to change browser color. Navigation and page change smoother and softer than previous versions. Bookmarking has been made easier refreshing and closing ap happens fast with no lock ups.
Blackberry install I give a 10/10

Install for android, was 5 beta.
I’m beyond impressed. This is one sharp looking application. I have yet to see another app look this great. Downside is the menu bar at the bottom uses some of the screen realestate. I’m scared to turn it off, it might not come back. Menu button does nothing. Maybe if I close the bottom navigation bar it will show up in menu area. ( if anyone tested this, let me know results). Navigation bar has a forward and back button with refresh button. You no longer have to hit back button a million times to exit 10 minutes of surfing. This feature needs to be in all programs.
After you install this, do not change your home page. Look at the home page that is provided. You can have basically a bookmarks with thumbnails as your home page. Touch screen is now functional, in my honest opinion better than the default android browser. very fluid with your finger movements.
Again I could not change color or theme.
I give opera mini beta 5 for android a 10/10

Opera 4 for motorolla rizr 9/10