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Receive a Free $250 Gift Voucher from Kroger – Fake Facebook

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  13. Receive a Free $250 Gift Voucher from Kroger – Fake Facebook
fake kroger scam

Receive a Free $250 Gift Voucher from Kroger – Fake Facebook

Posted in : hoax, internet hoax, internet safety, internet security, security on by : TruXter

**Please find the friend that you saw sharing the link to the Kroger Gift Card scam, and post a link to this page for them to read and to share to the person they saw it on.** If you google “way back machine” you will find the internet archive that has a back up of what this page used to tell you. I myself will no longer pay the bandwidth it takes to help facebook.
Facebook post says “Receive a Free $250 Gift Voucher” and has a Kroger logo. Looks legit right?
It is fake.
If you clicked it, log into Facebook and change your password now. You have just been bitten by a scam. This scam is not the doing of Kroger. You have no reason to be mad at Kroger for someone else’s hoax.
Here is Kroger trying to get a handle on the situation.
Kroger is aware and trying to stop it.
To prove this Kroger notice is a hoax, just hit refresh when you are on that page and watch the “remaining vouchers” counter start back over at 173.
Another thing to notice is the “comments” on that page on the left hand side “hansja” his comment says it happened 26 minutes ago.. and that comment stays with that count.
Most this is an advertising company that has crummy tactics and it is likely they are just getting their like and share counts up really high so that when the website changes it’s home page design and logo, it will look like a legit website, and will show in your friend feed to your friends as a page you like. Which in turn will scam your friends by this 100% hoax.

Fake kroger Gift card $250

Fake Kroger Gift card $250

Looks like the same people who have been doing this for years: I offer no more help
Via mass text message or mass social media spamming like this one.
I wonder if they get everyone’s address book if they go to that site on their phones.. hmmmmmmm

2 thoughts on Receive a Free $250 Gift Voucher from Kroger – Fake Facebook

  • TruXter 2013/12/23

    Something tells me you don’t understand what’s going on here.

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