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Sad Fact

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Sad Fact

Posted in : internet, internet safety, internet security, news, review on by : TruXter

We live here. In a wonderful country of freedom and openness. Where the people speak their mind and the press has the freedom to report the truth and anyone can create a movie or a song and get it seen. Where no one’s rules govern us and we do not govern anyone else, since we are so open minded.
This is now false.
We now close down websites that are owned by people who allow people to upload files and download files. Such as different takes and cuts of personal project videos.


We now extradite people from other countries, for breaking laws in our country over the internet, and we take all of their belongings from their house.


Sopa and pipa were supposed to pass, and this was supposed to be the first bust. The machine was already in motion.


This country is going to crap. Eliminate etrade so the longest reigning selfish pigs can continue being pigs.

Want to talk about a depression.



Just wait.


When everyone starts outsourcing EVERYTHING. because to many uppity folks want everything regulated to meet their standards if made here, and then we pay full price though no one has a job anymore because everything is politically correct and outsourced like a good zombie of a country. Then those companies go under because no one is there to bail them out, we get a chance to invest what little bit of a tax money we have, to get them out of debt.


You see all of this right? not just what you are worried about… look at the dominoes as they ALL fall. not just the one with the mp3 player built in it… ALL OF THEM.