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Setting up Mercury Mail for XAMPP

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Setting up Mercury Mail for XAMPP

Posted in : email, how to, howto on by : TruXter

Mercury32_46Been trying to set up mercury email for Xampp for a lot longer than I’d like to admit. Looked  at so many YOUTUBE videos of people just clicking away through the procedures of getting “local host emails to send and receive locally but have yet to find one that allows the emails to receive from external connection. Have managed to make the emails send  from within Pegasus but the recipient sees that my email has come from “truxter@localhost” even though that server has a domain name.

Have not figured out how to get Thunderbird nor outlook to connect though I think I am doing everything correct.

If anyone has any helpful sites they want to link to show me how to get Mercury mail server to connect properly, please comment the link below. and if you are looking for how to set up the email, scroll below, because if this page still looks just as confused as you feel, Means I can’t get mercury to work either.

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