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Boom Beach test Android vs Iphone

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Boom Beach test Android vs Iphone

Posted in : android, cell, cell phone, cellphone, game, gaming on by : TruXter

Supercell_SplashDecided to load the game on my iPhone so i can mess around with it when my android is charging.
Not much is different. except one menu item in settings area is missing on the iPhone and the weird bounce thing the iphones do when the game switches screens. What this means is when you leave a fight and get back to your base, just like the Android phone does, the iPhone zooms in to the town hall. What the iPhone does that Android does not do is, is this weird little bounce thing right after the zoom in. I guess to give you the feel that you are on some weird mechanical camera arm that has poor bushings so it bounces a bit from worn stabilizers. No clue. Wastes time.

Pretty much all images look the same.

Comparison of the settings.

If you notice, the android allows you to turn down the display settings.
With the shader quality turned up high, Boom Beach plays very sluggish on my Android phone.
with shader turned down, the game is much faster. Everything loads faster too. Battery life lasts a bit longer that way also.

There could be audio differences, no clue. I hate the sounds and the music so that stays off at all times.

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