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Unifi Ubiquiti Connections problem FIX

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Unifi Ubiquiti Connections problem FIX

Posted in : how to on by : TruXter

Tried Running UniFi and the dang thing won’t connect. Tried looking for a phone number and never found one, but now that I have an understanding of their software, I found their contact phone number +1 (866) 438-8247 found at www.ubiquityhosting.com
UniFi Controller Says Start-up failed
So far I have seen two notifications when Unifi controller had an error. One is a notice that says:

Initializing Unifi Controller …
Starting Unifi Controller …
Port 8080 in use by other programs
Start-up failed.

The other error notice says much less than that but the fix for both is the same.

Download the newest version of Unifi from their site to make sure you are up to date. do this by uninstalling the version you have and then insall the version you just downloaded.
Uninstall Java and install (depending on the version of windows you have)
64bit version jre-7u75-windows-x64.exe
32bit version jre-7u75-windows-i586.exe
Now run the Unifi

Don’t bother running UniFi-Discover. If it sees stuff it does not much matter if you are just trying to connect and create an account and change settings right away. For some reasons I seem to have problems when I run the discover before I get the Unifi Controller to connect.

From here on out if you get any errors trying to connect to your wireless devices using Unifi Controller, just open task manager (ctrl alt delete) and look for Java and Jusched (java update scheduler). and end those processes. Try again to run the Unifi Controller. If you get any issues after that, then uninstall and reinstall java and run Unifi Controller before you do anything after the reinstall of Java.

Seems there is an issue with UniFi and Java and the guys at Ubiquiti really need to solve this. At least bring the software up to the current version of Java.

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