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How To Setup Speco Player on Android and iPhone

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How To Setup Speco Player on Android and iPhone

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cellphone, DVR, how to, howto on by : TruXter

We have a Speco DVR and have set up our user names and ports and passwords for access with our iPhone or Android apps. We need to remember those setting for later. (if you scroll down you will see the settings I usually use, but you can use whatever you like)

Speco DVR

Set up modem/router firewall
Name your device name whatever you want in the modem . I use simple but identifiable names. DVR-1, and DVR-2 if there is more than one.
I use the same local i.p. addresses every time. Real simple ones too
Device name=DVR1
audio port will be 5446 automatically
Local port I select 8181

Device name=DVR2
audio port will be 4555 automatically
Local port I select 8282

You can use the same settings in the android/iphone.

Now download and install Speco Player.
The icon will be black, on both android and iPhone. I’ve only seen rare occasions where I needed any of the other speco apps. That has been a couple years now.

Android Speco Setup
Click on the Speco player icon to launch the application.
When the application opens, click on “Live view/Playback”.
The next screen will just have demo settings by default.
This is where your menu button saves your sanity. So click your menu button.


Click the “Add” area on the left lower section.
You will see the screen where you can type in the information you set up on the Speco DVR such as open ports and user name and password and either I.P address or DDNS.
I typically opt out of DDNS and use I.P. address. even when the location of the latest install is on a dynamic I.P. . I’ve seen issues with some ISPs with the DDNS needing authentication when the I.P. address changes. So. I still have to go back out anyway. and it can be time consuming to use the DDNS and get it accepted. Especially if the DDNS service is down, or malfunctioning, or slow to react. Don’t hand the I.P. address out to just anyone.

Name your device name whatever you want. I use simple but identifiable names. DVR-1, and DVR-2 if there is more than one.

You can use the same settings in the modem/router firewall.
Device name=DVR1
Password= whatever you gave it. Default is 1111

If you select to use Easy DDNS, just use that information instead of I.P. in the andorid app.

If you select to use Easy DDNS, just use that information instead of I.P. in the andorid app.



The settings on iPhone is pretty much the same but has a few variations. So let’s cover this
Setting up Seco player on iphone

Launch the Speco player app. you should see “Device List”



To add a new device to the list (DVR), just press the plus symbol in the top right of your phone’s screen.

This will take you to a page titled “My Site”
This would be where you type in your DVR information



again, “Site” could mean location or one of many DVRs at that location. That’s all interpretation.
When you have successfully connected your Speco DVR to your iPhone, you should start seeing video footage when you select the “live” option.



sometimes the site may have a camera out, or your app could load slowly due to internet speeds.


If you select to use Easy DDNS, just use that information instead of I.P. in the iPhone.



To Delete the Speco Demo Settings From an iPhone:
If you have been struggling to delete the Speco demo examples from your iphone I have a pretty simple fix for you.
Just click each demo in the settings and swipe the name to the left.
Demo 1 – swipe left.
You will see a delete option.

If you have the version (android and iphone) that does not have the plus symbol or add button. Just delete the demos and relaunch the app. It will force you to create a new connection.
once your new connection is added, hit the folder option in the corner.

41 thoughts on How To Setup Speco Player on Android and iPhone

  • john garone 2016/06/07

    there is no menu button after I open live view/play back button on that screen…..

  • TruXter 2016/06/07

    john garone
    Can you tell me exactly what steps you took to get to that point?
    I’m uncertain as to how far in the process you got.

    Have you tried “add” or “edit” at the bottom of the screen?

    Be sure you are not reading the android set up and trying that for your iphone.

  • Bea 2016/06/29

    I set everything up on iPhone but it will not connect. I am on iPhone. It used to work

  • Bea smith 2016/06/29

    I am unable to connect to speco. It used to work but now says connection not good. It should be

  • TruXter 2016/06/29

    Verify your I.p. address has not changed. Verify your Ethernet cable is connected and functioning properly.

    Go through settings as described above and verify you have same settings imputed in your phone or mobile device.

  • Amanda 2016/07/05

    Prior to getting a new modem/router, my cameras were displaying on the mobile app fine. I set up the router accordingly. All settings match exactly. I even tried port forwarding to see if that would help. It did not. Using iPhone Speco Player app. Says ‘CONN not good’ now. Any help would be appreciated.

  • TruXter 2016/07/05

    Where you see tcp/ip choice. Select “both” if both isn’t available, do it twice, once for each I.p./port selecting tcp one time and udp the next.

    Check the dvr and see if it is set up for your new I.p. subnet. You may have changed from to 192.168.1. Or or

  • Amanda 2016/07/05

    It was already set for both tcp/ip. dvr is already updated w new ip subnet. all settings match 100%. i have a support ticket open with router too… nothing they have suggested has worked either

  • TruXter 2016/07/05

    Just for a sake of assurance. On the DVR have you set it to d.h.c.p. or dynamic, let it automatically obtain a working i.p. address, then locked that I.p. as a static I.p. then gone to the router and change settings to match the DVR?

    also, for some reason, most DVRs don’t seem to be ready for ipv6 . So if you can turn ipv6 off in your modem or router, it would likely benefit you in this test.

    To check your ports try “can you see me . org” . On that site you can verify you are using the proper hosted i.p. and you can check to make sure the ports are open correctly. I usually have trouble with a specific brand of DSL not going to name names, but they have an “&” symbol after the second letter. It seems I have to call them and be polite but stern and they suddenly flip a switch somewhere and it magically works.

    also did I read it correctly that you have a new router, and a new modem? If so then you have to do some port forwarding in there also. But it won’t be the same way you did before. You have to make your modem point to the ip address that it has assigned the router, then you have to make the router’s forwarded port point to the dvr.

    It would be easier to just plug the dvr directly into the modem if it has more than one ethernet jack.

  • Amanda 2016/07/06

    I’ve done both. I had the dhcp turned on within the router. I tried the dhcp setting on the DVR. I confirmed the ip that the router gave the DVR. I then assigned that ip to hold through the router (net gear nighthawk), and made sure the ip was assigned through the DVR correctly. I even port forwarded the DVR on the router, matching the port that the DVR wanted to use. I double checked the gateway ip of the router on the DVR. It matched. The subnets matched. Nothing. I then changed to static ip on DVR, confirmed the dns (primary and secondary), made sure everything else still matched up and nothing. I turned dhcp off in router, left all static ip settings in place nothing – except that my wifi quit working on my apple devices. So I turned the dhcp back on within the router.

    IPv6 has not been enabled. I don’t have that provider, but I haven’t actually checked my ports. I’ll do that. And reading what you wrote about port forwarding makes me wonder if I did it correctly, but I did follow the steps within the instructions/help. The new modem I got only has one port. Hmph. Screwed myself there.

  • TruXter 2016/07/06

    Now understand that your router can not be handing out the same ip addresses that your modem is handing. and you can’t do this if you have two modems that are handing out the same ip addresses.

    if modem is giving out and router 1 is giving out 192.168.1-254
    Then router two has to be different from both. like
    Example of Router and modem Port forwarding

  • Amanda 2016/07/08

    I only have 1 modem and 1 router. Router has its ip address, and it gave dvr its ip address.

    what’s the difference between ‘CONN not good’ and ‘CONN is bad’? i can’t find this information in the pdf guide i downloaded for the speco dvr i have, but through all the changing of things, i had both of these messages.

  • Amanda 2016/07/08

    ok, so does the subnet mask on dvr setup need to match the LAN or WAN? i assumed lan. should the ip address for the gateway on dvr setup be the router ip or the modem ip (dvr does go through router)? i assumed router. when i pick dhcp on dvr set up, the gateway ip and dns primary are the same. is this right? i’ve been on vacation all week. i would so like to get this fixed before monday! LOL

  • TruXter 2016/07/08

    okay wait.
    Your houses i.p. will be xx.xx.xx.xx that is your inbound hosted ip address. Your modem will hand out a new i.p. address to the devices added to it yy.yy.yy.yy Your router i.p. address could be yy.yy.yy.yF
    Which was assigned by your modem.

    Now your router is handing out more i.p. addresses, and they must/have to be totally different zz.zz.zz.zz-254

    Con not good means you are connected but without internet access . Means there is a conflict in between your router and mopdem.

    Con bad means no connection at all .

    I guess. I don’t know every manufacture.

  • Amanda 2016/07/08

    modem ip is zz.zzz.z.zzz from ISP (confirmed it through internet search); router ip is xxx.xxx.x.1 and it is assigning devices within the house xxx.xxx.x.2 then 3 then so on (all ‘x’ being representative of the same set of numbers).

    when i try to use the assigned web port (port forwarding assigned through router), i get conn is bad. when i use the assigned network port, i get conn not good. Now, using the assigned network port and ip address i can pull up the cameras on my speco multi client computer program. but that makes sense; it’s internal. if i use the network port on my phone and stay connected to the wifi in the house, i can see the cameras on the device. but once i leave the LAN, the network port gives me the conn not good error. i know before my mobile was set with the web port and it worked, so that’s what i was trying to do again.

  • TruXter 2016/07/08

    Okay that tells us the router is fine. Must be a modem firewall or port forwarding issue.

    Instead of port forwarding can you make the up that the modem is giving the router “DMZ” ?

  • Amanda 2016/07/08

    i did change the dvr ip to DMZ per a response i got from the router ticket i opened for this. but that was on the router, and it did not fix the issue. i never logged into my modem to do it. i also did not remove the port forwarding when i did this. should I have?

  • TruXter 2016/07/08

    Typically, removing the port-forwarding while trying dmz on the same ip will not do any good or harm.

    Logging into the modem an making sure it points all inbound port :XXX requests to the router (just the ip the modem gives the router, not the ip the router gives the dvr), then make sure the router sets that same port request to be forwarded to the dvr’s i.p. address.

  • Amanda 2016/07/08

    So in an attempt to access my modem, i stumbled on the fix. the ip on the mobile device set up has to be the ip of my modem, not the dvr. if you said that to me somewhere else, and i missed it, i apologize. consider this case closed! phew…. Hey, thank you so much for all your help. I talked to the security company that sold me this and the router people, and no one got me as far as you did. i really appreciate it.

  • Sandy 2016/10/11

    I have an iPhone. Does anyone know how to delete the demo sites?

  • TruXter 2016/10/11

    To delete the demo, click the name of the demo and swipe it left.

  • Elliot 2016/10/13

    I have 2 d16hs recorders but when i input both pd them into the app both domains view sane 16 cameras

  • Maurissa 2017/01/07

    My phone 6 can’t connect to the app if not on wifi it used to work fine and not anymore can someone help me with that.

  • Maurissa 2017/01/07

    Help my app no longer works on the iPhone unless I am connected to wifi. I used to be able to access all the time.

  • TruXter 2017/01/08

    If you have changed internet providers recently, then you need to make changes in your modem/router again to match what your last device had.

    Tell me what has changed, and don’t say “Nothing”. because that is definitely never the case.
    Also please go through the set up I made example of above.
    If that does not help, then follow the help I gave in the comments just above yours.
    There are picture tutorials in that also.

    Check and see if you have two settings in your speco software, one for when you are on site and on the wifi and one for when you are off site and off the wifi.
    If you only have one setting in the app, then you might need to add a second one (following the instructions above) and name it “Off-site”. Use that one when you are not on site.
    Then the one you can connect while on wifi, name it “on-site” to remind you that you have these two ways of connecting.
    You may need to refresh your ddns.

  • Maurissa 2017/01/08

    Wifi has not been changed at all bee with T-Mobile for years. No. New phone or anything. I have no clue what is wrong with the app

  • TruXter 2017/01/08

    Then it looks like your second setting has been deleted.
    Onsite connection and off-site connections are very different.

    You need to set up an off-site connection in the app.

  • Maurissa 2017/01/08

    How do you do that?

  • TruXter 2017/01/08

    Follow the instructions above, instead of putting in the port configuration I wrote, leave the ports the way they are but enter those ports in your phone following the instructions after the part where you see this phrase

    You can use the same settings in the android/iphone

    Enter your preset ports that are in your speco DVR, into your iphone’s Speco player app

  • patrick Mok 2017/02/06

    i have a s7 phone, I cannot find the menu key to add
    please help

  • doru 2017/02/18

    Here is how I fixed the “connection not so good..” for IPHONE 6 and GALAXY S6 when I am not in my wifi at home.
    Go on canyouseeme.org to get your IP address and to check what/if the port is open. Go on your phone and turn off wifi. Mare sure you are in your network (mine ATT). Open Speco player app. Open your device from Device List. Open Edit and in the field IP/DNS: input the IP address that you got from the website “canyouseeme.org”. Click on save. This works only when you are off your wifi. In case that you want to connect to the DVR when in your wifi make a different connection with a different IP (go on your DVR and get that IP address). In my case, the DVR has an IP address like 10.x.x.xxx which I use when connected to my wifi and an IP address like 76.xxx.xx.xx which I use when not in my wifi network (in G4).

  • Debbie karr 2017/02/28

    Did anyone ever find a sure proof way to connect their iPhone and have it actually work?

  • TruXter 2017/02/28

    Yes. The pictures show you how and the description below them explains how. and the guy who replied just before you wrote out the exact same thing, missed a few details but worthy of posting to the page for those who need “less words”.

  • Carl Smith 2017/04/13

    I have a galaxy s5, using the speco app version There is no menu button at the bottom of the “live view/playback” screen. I can not add any dvr’s to the 2 that are already there

  • TruXter 2017/04/14

    Delete both and you will be prompted to add a new system.

  • TruXter 2017/04/14

    Will update with more information over the weekend.

  • Jan 2017/05/26

    I got a new phone & installed your app but I have no idea what the password is! The user name is admin!

  • Craig A Lugan 2017/08/27

    so my speco DVR 16vs is working great , its the android app Im having some issues with,
    so live view works great, at frame of 352×240, all camreas show up.. now when i want to look at play back is where my issues is, only channel 2shows up at the frame 352X240
    all the rest show a black screen at a frame of 944×480, its obvious that its not the correct setting but im not sure how it change when it was all working fine the other day? after a min or so the channel 2 connverts to the balck screen and the 944×480, go out of the app and back in to play back and channel 2 shows again for a min or so

  • TruXter 2017/08/27

    Do you have motion sensing cameras on those ones that are black ? there is a chance they are black because their is no motion activating the cameras.

  • Arlene 2018/03/17

    On the iPhone app what does the Id asking for? 0nce I put all the info in and press connect on the right hand side it has a message : id incorrect

  • TruXter 2018/03/17

    I.D. is the username
    default is admin.

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