I will Never use gfwl Again

After tweaking my computer, formatting my computer, upgrading my computer, reinstalling windows, and then reinstalling Grand Theft Auto IV at least 20 times or more this year, I got an error while installing GTAIV. The error said that I have used my cd key to many times. So I posted a message in the GTAFORUMS.com pc help message boards.

I seem to have formatted without revoking to many times.
Is there a phone number I can call to get this straightened out?
I have full disk and booklets and all that.
but can not find where it offers that help.

I just don’t get it, same i.p. same email, same cd key and live does that ???? WTF is with M$ ?

neat spalsh screen


After about an hour of searching I called Rockstar/Take Two interactive. Some guy with like an English accent answered. The tone in his voice sounded pretty sucky. He told me to go to games for windows live website and find their contact information. So I called it thinking ‘ Heck I’m an Adult I can handle this’


I had to run back to GTAFORUMS and post another message.

Ok, well I called games for windows live.
The chump laughed at me because I said I didn’t have a 1 year old Receipt.
I asked “why can’t you just revoke all the ones assigned to my email account?”
“I’m sorry it don’t work like that”
Really? You mean to tell me that this cd key is registered repeatedly from the exact same address, exact same email account
every time I upgraded my Dang pc and this clown treats me like a teen age pirate?

He is just to big of an idiot and lazy PR*ck to try anything.


Well as it seems they will not be clearing out all of my registrations prior to today. On the phone he told me it would be 24 hours. How in the blue hell does he expect to get my receipt within 24 hours, unless I faxed it to him or emailed it to him. In that case I could create a fake one. I won’t do that, but I could. I will never buy another game that has a microsoft logo on it, ever again.

After a year I have not had a chance to finish the dang game yet. I have been dealing with a crappy operating system with a pisspoor driver  process this whole time. Why do you think I keep having to format my pc?

I have had enough, I will be using Xliveless from here on out. I will do my next install on my Linux drive and run Wine. I hate to do this to Rockstar Games but I have to downloaded a cracked executable for GTAIV to make this happen. I have done it with previous GTA games I have purchased, I have to do it to GTAIV. And to send a big fat SCREW YOU to m$, I will place a how to online. I will of course not link to the crack. I may just crack it myself. For myself.

Or , I can just go back to Walmart and buy it again. Who knows.  oh and fyi, the GTAIV on linux, kinda just happened right now before your  eyes in this rant. i just will never call them and sit and get ridiculed by an angry little boy  again.

Dang straight I will not capitalize their name, they do that enough.

Wanna Play GTA Linux?

Here is something I put together for you guys,
and well for myself to look back on, about tree years ago.
Here is the actual location of what you see here

First let’s make sure you do have either a
dual boot machine, or and hard drive with
your install of each game , on it.

I of course am doing this from my windows
partition, but do not doubt using usb type
portable thumbs,which is kinda cool.

I will work this week with grand theft
auto vice city .
Ok, Let’s go get some Wine .
you are going to need it.

Screen shot of install of wine This is
scrolling by like about 90 letters a second


Next you might need what I needed Flex ,
I use RPM Bone because I am not going
to spend a day trying to learn how to
build a package when I can
just do a search. Well whatever. If you
get a notice that you need to install
anything, the bone will help you, just
select the right distro and you are
good to get.. another File i needed
was BISON.. two seconds three tries
the rpm went well.

Console Usage

Open a console window and type:

apt-get install bison flex libncurses5-dev

Now when you begin the wine install
with this command ” ./tools/wineinstall ”
go get a soda or beer or what ever,
you might wanna grab a
couple, this sucker takes a while, but
look up from time to time it asks a yes
or no and asks you to type in admin pass.

No Cd

* You now need the no cd
crack, I can not legally
* point you to it but be sure to get the
* one that is 15 mb or so, and scan it

When you navigate to the

location, which for me is


/disks/C/Program Files/


Rockstar Games/Grand Theft


Auto Vice City where I have


the game


installed, the command


is “wine gta-vc.exe”or “gta_sa.exe” (which ever game you are working on) and


your screen will go all


win 95 looking in the


crummy resolution sense.


It will take a few
minutes, you might


want to hit the enter


button to get it to start,


it’s a tad freaky.



When game starts, look at


the cars and think about vice


city stories and liberty city


stories and how amazed you where


about the glossy cars…

Do you now see how cheap it was


when they did it? Screen Shot LOL..


cool ehh ?

Will update later when I get done


transferring the audio files from


cd to install directory.. not all


audio is working for me just yet.

* Ok you might get an error like this one

err:wave:DSDB_MapBuffer Please run winecfg, open “Audio” page and set

“Hardware Acceleration” to “Emulation”.

which tells you that you are not getting car motor sounds and peds sounds… well.

If you do that you will get those sounds back.. but at a cost… no radio and when you exit game.. dear god it’s a loud noise

Upgraded Linux Xandros To 4

I was using Xandros 3.4 for over a year. I purchased my disk from Fry’s electronics for like $29.

Well I saw in all of the help forums for modding of Xandros desktops and boot screens tons of help but it was all for 4.0 so I installed 4.0 . It really looks good and comes with a blue launch button as opposed to the default red I had to use with v3.4 . Quite nice. I changed the start button to a modified that I found through the links of the Xandros forum. with 3.4 when you changed the launch button you kept getting a notice to upgrade service pack, even if you already have. When you do the service pack upgrade it changes your launch button back to default. but with 4.0 , no you do not get forced into the change. Nice addon I like this.

When I installed wine again, not a hiccup one. Not one issue. It went great. My Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas both play nicely and my III does not freeze up on the video configuration like it did with 3.4.

I am happy with 4.0 it was a very good move.

I was there at Fry’s to actually by a new motherboard and nvidia video card so I could prepare myself for Vista. Thank god I did not get into that mess. Xandros is really good. I did of course remove my Ubuntu partition. Ubuntu is not pleasant at all. Even though Ubuntu is Debian just like Xandros; it does not come close in comparison to Xandros with features. I am satisfied and I hope this helped you decide what you will do to you computer.