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The Office Network

Posted in : networking, RANT on by : TruXter

Well. The network here is fully, 100% in all ways….. Weird.
Our local I.T. guy has the company all stuffed into one blade with one single hard drive (on a blade that has optional 4 front load 3.5 hd). It’s not his fault. The company doesn’t buy new crap, and leaves him making it all work. Just sometimes, his issues could be avoided, if he would listen from time to time.

But some people have their own way to learn and do things, so they get into them and stick with them. God forbid they step out of their element.

So.  Everyday I have to go reboot some wet fecal matter we call a peachtree server (it’s an old Pentium III single core green machine,pata only), and hope it makes it through the day without someone needing my assistance.

The user accounts on the blade, Could be a whole lot easier to set up, if the weirdo would stop deleting the icons off the desktop and start menu “recent” area. but again, he figured out how to work the server in this weird half fast way (yeah I know how to say it but this is a vulgarity free site), so if I do anything on it, yeah… it screwed up the space time continuum.

Sad thing is, I am the relief I.T. guy when he is out of the office. I fix anything, and he has no idea how I did it, space time continuum issue again. Shoe lace untied? space time continuum issue again because I worked something. power goes out in another state? Space time continuum issue again.

Sure would be nice if the high ups here would understand what I want to complain about. but again… It’s a job.