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When Will GTA5 Be Announced?

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When Will GTA5 Be Announced?

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Here, Grand Theft Auto Five Speculations and Rumors

Many people on the internet are expecting to see Rockstar at E3 2010 to announce GTA 5. You have to ask yourself ” when was the last time Rockstar announced a new game at E3?” . If I am not mistaken. The last time they announced a new Grand Theft Auto at  any convention was GTAIII. After that day, Rockstar has not announced the release date until after “leaking” small bits of information about release dates, and then playing out a month or so of riddles and clues with the GTAFORUMs gang.Also it does not fit the format of  Grand Theft Auto game releases. We are on a brand new gaming platform. Rockstar has not used the New platform yet for the other two games that use this engine. Vice city and San Andreas have yet to be released on the new engine.  Rockstar numbers their game releases by engine. Well of course that’s how it has been done since… what 97 or 98? Why change that now ?

Every time Rockstar Games releases the big three games, all three are released on the same engine. Last time this happened, the engine got small tweaks (possibly influenced by the gta modding communities) Making the game smoother and less resource hogging (PC term). This allows them to them make the graphics better and add more game play using less storage and less stress on your gaming gear. It would be unwise to release a new gaming engine to release a new city. Count on the next big Grand Theft Auto to be released, to be Vice City or San Andreas. Also count on a few small variations of these two before you see the next Grand Theft Auto engine.

One of the first GTA rumors sites. That is the longest Grand Theft Auto News and Rumors website. I respect this old schooler because I think he is probably the only guy on the internet who has been playing the game as long as I have, and as consistent. Here is a GTA forum you can join and post your opinions, Hopes, wishes or rants. It’s ok, I know the owner of the site really well. He wont gripe much. That place has kinda turned into just PS3 users.

We can be sure that the next Grand Theft auto we see, will be GTAIV Vice city, or GTAIV San Andres Or a surprise left hook from London. Count on 4 more years.

Happy gaming.

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