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Why Defend Internet Freedom?

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Why Defend Internet Freedom?

Posted in : review on by : TruXter

If you saw a video of police beating a man, and a video of an army in another country killing it’s own people, if you saw a man walk into a store and get refused service because of his skin color.

All via the internet

and then one day you were told “the internet will now be regulated and controlled”. Even after we “won against the sopa act” and the others that popped up just like sopa in other countries, seemingly simultaneously.

Would you fight that?

Or would you sit on your hands and not do a thing?


Sure you can sit back and refuse to notice the freedoms you have now. And you can argue how useless it is to defend such a frivolous item. As freedom.

With the freedoms we currently have on the internet, we can record video footage of people committing an injustice on others, and have no fear of persecution for showing the world , what the “protectors of society” refuse to take notice to.