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Will Your Computer Handle GTA IV?

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The current estimated specs for optimal running Grand Theft Auto IV Is 2 gigs ddr ram,7200 nvidia with 128 megs ram, 3 gig processor/cpu . Direct x 9, but ten will give you more,so you might want a dx10 video card. All resource hogging junk in vista turned off. Basically you are better off with XP and heading to black viper’s site and use his method of turning off themes and everything else you do not use when you are a gamer. 800mhz fsb . Broadband internet.

Be sure and run the best cooling on your machine. Pretty much all of what is out now, is going to get hot as hell when you are playing the game (GTA IV) on your computer.

The water detail is amazing, with trash floating in the water, not on the water, but really swirls around in the water as you walk or drive in it.

There is no official announcement of grand theft auto IV being out for pc gamers as of yet, but there is no opposing info. So let’s not completely rule this out. So yeah, I have hope.

I have a spot where you can vote for a pc version at iworkwithtech.com/gtaiv It’s better than a stupid petition.