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Win moderator spot, get 1 gigftp

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Win moderator spot, get 1 gigftp

Posted in : computer, game, online on by : TruXter

I am starting a game on my forums .

I am giving away moderator’s spots.

with each moderator’s spot I will be giving away a one gig ftp server and a “yourname@truxtertech.com”

email address.

The game is called “Name that Video Game”. Way to play the game is participate and correctly name 5 games , before anyone else does. Do not whisper me the answer, put it in a reply for everyone to see, I mean so no one thinks I am jipping them.. so Let it be seen when you win.

You must register to the truxtertechnews forum if you want to play.

First three mods are final mods for the video game section. Unless more are needed later.

I am giving away 9 gigs total. There will be mods in the computer section,gadgets section and in the video games section. All inactive moderators will be removed after 2 weeks of inactivity.

Ok First two games are here.