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AMD New Six Core CPU

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AMD New Six Core CPU

Posted in : tech on by : GregSnippets

Ok, dur. This thing will go from it’s normal everyday regular processes to run another process that is self focused? are you kidding me? why add more work to your work horse? are they that dang impressed by dodges Himi that drops from 8 Cylinders down to six when in highway gear?? IT’S NOT THE SAME THING!!!!!! STOP IT . AMD has been on a downward spiral for a couple years. Now they have put the nail in the coffin. They really should have left it at six cores and then release the information that you yourself can adjust it closer to what they state on Zdnet. I mean AMD has always be the DIY processor anyway…. Right? Well they need to give the users what they want.. and for that matter, Nvidia freaks….. bring coolbits back! (I know AMD and ATI yadda yadda it’s my post let me vent)

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