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Bing Verses Google

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Bing Verses Google

Posted in : computer, internet on by : TruXter

I started with a simple search for a friend. My friend is looking for a store, any store in Houston that has Thomas Kinkade books for sale. I did a search in Google first, and found only one location and it says Rice Village. I did the same exact search in Bing and found two locations, the next location says Galleria. I am not sure there are any books by TK. All i really find is paintings, and some company that says they have TK lights and Lamps. I personally think his paintings look like they are supposed to be on Christmas cards.

Fuzzy Snowy teddy bears.

In my frustration of searching something I have no idea about i decided to do another search that was more to my level.

My new search was “free image editing  tool”

Bing on it’s front page, never once linked G.I.M.P. but it did link a bunch of rubbish sites that talk about  image editing tools.

google how ever linked gimp second link and picassa  fifth link, it’s first link was “graphic soft” page showing gimp,photo scape, paint.net.

Actually, everything they linked in that page is found on the first page of the search results in google. Names I have heard of, Items I have used, stuff I know works.

Google won this one by far.

My follow up search. “free website flash”

First link in bing is flashmo

Flashmo has great stuff I know this for sure

The flash mo link in google is teh second, but the first is WIX, wix is for myspace flash . understandable that it is on top, more people want flash on their myspace than there are of website designers.

Again i score to google. simply because bing links wix twice in the first page. Looks like bing gets gamed easily.

my third search was “gta clans”

of course gtaclans.com is first result in both, but bing links second post as gamespy,SPAM. No one uses gamespy…. do they? i have never had anyone recomend gamespy to me.

google again

Fourth search was “discount auto parts”

Both had similar results, except  google linked some sort of carpet place on the first page. big no no.

I give that one to bing.

For the most part, these are hit and miss. it is nice to have two strong search engines. I just the lay out of bing. Otherwise it’s no worse or better than google.

Oh and all my searches  I only looked at the first page. the rest of the pages are always junk anyway.