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Best Free Virus Protection

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Best Free Virus Protection

Posted in : internet safety, internet security on by : TruXter

Internet safety is an issue that has been nagging at us users for many years. The cold hard facts is that we all need it. some people rest assured in the thought that Microsoft will be releasing a free virus scanner or virus protection of sort really soon. Cold truth is, you had that with vista and tyou learned how to dissable it and complained about it. That pop up that kept asking you if you are sure you want to install something, well expect it to come back for windows 7 and xp and vista, just a better skin. It will not be perfect, otherwise the operating system would be impenetrable. Simply because um… the software is made by the people who made the operating system. Hackers and scammers will be breaking it within  minutes of it’s release.

So for the time being Microsoft’s protection thingy is released, let’s fix ourselves up for cheap. Better than cheap, let’s do this for free.


Ok start with, DO NOT OPEN EMAIL ATTACHMENTS FROM STRANGERS! Never click a link in your email from your bank. because it’s never your bank, and just to be on the safe side when the email looks serious, close your browser, re-open your browser and type in your banks link manually.

Go to this website mvp’s hosts file Read what is being said there, read it well. Halfway down the page you will see

MVP's Gif

MVP's Gif

There will be a link near it to download a zip file. do it, download the file and copy all of the content onto your desktop. double click the file on your desktop named “mvps” , read what it says, hit your spacebar or any button you wish other than escape (not sure what escape would do) and you are done. you have now blocked your computer from connecting to known  advertisement websites. Many of those advertisement websites  also have foul software called “malware” . Malware includes virus, trojans, worms, adware, spyware and manhy things the like. So if you get a virus and it tries to push a bunch of pop ups on you, you will not get them. you will just get windows that pop up but saying you can not connect to the server. Some times those popups will install more malware on you so it’s great that you limit it.

Ok now that we are in this much of a safe zone, you must know that you are still vulnerable. You can still download a virus and have it install on your computer and compromise your computer. So as a cool little trick; next time you download something from a website go to these three sites and have it scanned for malware.

Virscan.org – This scanner allows you to scan with currently 37 different virus scanners. look at the botto n of the screen and see what the latest scan results show, you can see that some virus scanners will find stuff while others will not., refresh that page and see new results.

Virus total .com Same as the one above, some scanners not the same, so more results possibilities.

Jotti’s Malware scanner, I think is the original. this site used to allow you to see real time results from all scanners. not so much anymore.

If you chose not to install a virus scanner, I suggest you  at least run an online virus scanner once every weak or two. at the least, check twice a month, because you never remember the last time you entered credit card information. so start with these 3  free online virus scanners.

CA Internet Security Online virus scanner. The actual Software reminds me of an old virus scanner from the 90s called innoculateIT.

F Secure Online Scanner Online virus scanner

Bit Defender Online Scanner This one is slow on an infected machine, but it sure gets some results. For years i have used this one, even while using a paid virus scanner, it works very well. if you are on vista or windows seven, right click your Internet explorer icon and select “run as administrator”.

I would suggest Symantec/Norton or Macafee, but last time I checked they both find stuff but will not remove it, then when you buy the software and scan again, it finds nothing. Or at least that is the results I got the past five times I fell for it. Maybe it’s a coincidence, yeah, probably is.

if you want to install a free  virus scanner

Here is a list of the ones to try for free that by the majority of tech guys on the net, have been voted best free online scanners

PCWorld Post on free virus scanners i really can’t believe Avast and Avg are in that list….

I myself chose to install A-squared and set it for all protection modes. It does not run but a tiny process, never gives you a notice, but you can scan with it. and well I do that on a regular basis. Twice a week before bed. or just before I type any personal information into a website. To make sure there are no current cooties.

What to do if you feel you are infected.

shut your computer off and disconnect it from the internet. go to another computer if available. If none are available, or you have no portable thumb drive/ jump drive so you can sneaker mail software to your machine, then you have to do this from the infected machine, just disconect the internet each time you start one of these processes I tell you.

Here is the Download  list (include all of the downloadable software listed above)

Malwarebytes a free scanner that works well. Kind of specific needs though.. it really works.

A-Squared Hijack Free not a scanner but a process killer. kinda like HJT

If your scans show Vitumund or smitfraud or vundu use these two carefully smitfraudfix Also follow these instructions for smitfraudfix usage. Now get VunduFix. safe mode for best results on either program.

To get to safe mode: reboot computer and repeatedly tap the F8 button before the windows  logo and splash screen. Make boot selection and log in. Now run the programs.

If your computer only takes you to Google English try this post by…. well yours truly :-)

Keep them from hunting you out

firewall, best firewall is an internet router, go to the electronics store and get one. or go to amazone or bestbuy.com or go to compusa.com  just do something wise.

Hopefully I helped protect your computer or atleast increased your internet security and savvy.