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GTAIII Coming to IOS soon

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GTAIII Coming to IOS soon

Posted in : game, games, gaming, grand theft auto, Grand Theft Auto III, gta, GTA III, Tech News, video game, video games on by : Game News

You will soon be playing Grand Theft Auto III on your iphone, ipad and ipod touch soon.
This will revive GTAIII fast and could motivate Rockstar games to get back to making Grand Theft Auto more fun than technical.

Maybe we will see San Andreas Stories come to pc finally, due to influx of new funds and reduced overhead. as an app.
Would be nice to see any GTAIII and after, game come to android also. And maybe even windows mobile. But I do not think there are enough windows phones and Android phones that have the nuts enough to play any of the Grand Theft auto games, other than Grand Theft auto and GTAII or London. Unless they are on the Droid bionic, but really, not many Bionics out there.

There is also the release coming of the Claude Figure

claude GTAIII

claude in celebration of anniversary GTAIII

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto.
Claude will come with a change of cloths and a few of the game’s weapons.