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Windows Xp Service pack 4 Please

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Windows Xp Service pack 4 Please

Posted in : operating system, software on by : TruXter

Microsoft should put out a service pack 4 for windows xp.
A service pack that turns xp into any other operating system.

computer locked up

windows xp locked up

XP is the biggest failure of all Microsoft’s operating systems. I have spent countless hours looking at a computer screen doing exactly what that screen has on it. yep. Matching the win screen of solitaire.
Problem is, they listened to the hackers who griped about the flaws in the operating system. They listened to them so much, Microsoft lost site of the plan. Microsoft started fixing and patching and correcting the noted errors, instead of fix and patch function and appeal.
Truth is, if there is a hacker, there is a flaw. Not the other way around. If the computer tech dude, that is digging around, is techy enough, he will always find a flaw. All I.T. guys know that all I.T. guys think the other guy is an idiot, and they will dig for hours to prove it.
So Windows XP, stayed a hot wet steamy lump of of memory dump for how many years? Way to long.
Yet here I am, in an office that uses nothing but windows XP because some retarded guy who’s mom was best friends with the boss’s wife, has it installed on every single computer here. Can we safely tell the rainman “If you didn’t have such a learning disability, nothing would be backward designed here, please evolve us” ? or do we just keep saying “yes you are so smart, look at you.. You won that conversation. Loo at you… good boy”. Or should we pull out all guns, drop our modesty facade and humble this idiot?
Nope we just sit here and wish things were different.
Microsoft. please for the life of anything sane offer an optional service pack 4 that we can 4 dollars for and let the update turn us into windows vista.
Oh and I want my fricken progman back, If you bring program manager back, I will gladly fall in lust with (code name) windows 8 .
Nothing like turning off all themes and explorer.exe and running on multi cores and using almost no resources.

plan service pack 4 in request.

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  • PERUMAL 2011/11/23

    good pack

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