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How Bing Could Squash Google

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How Bing Could Squash Google

Posted in : internet, SEO, web browser, Web Design, website on by : TruXter

Adsense. What is the easiest way Google makes certain their people who pay to be in the search engine get seen ? they share the wealth.
Bing has yet to even begin to try that. all they have to do is make an affiliate program to share the adverts with the websites out there.
Totally remove the whole Silverlight program. That and adobe air have got to be the clunkiest pieces of garbage. I don’t care how you improve it. A perfect turd is still a turd. Quit forcing people to hold that turd. I don’t want it in my computer, I don’t want a turd in my hand. Simply put, If I have to install that program to use your software, I will stop using your software.

Get yahoo off of Clicksor. I used to clicksor with all sorts of hopes of having an alternative to the goliath. I never made one red cent. Not one penny. I had a relative call me and tell me they clicked some ad on my old site, they said they bought something from one of the ads and never got their product. They thought I controlled it all. Clicksor never even noted the click. I did not tell my relative 700 miles away to click it. it was months later when I found out they did. Once they got tired of waiting for their products.
Clicksor then dropped me and said I didn’t have enough traffic. I had 200-2000 people a day. It fluctuated.

So having yahoo tied into something like that, surely isn’t helping them at all. Having a program where websites serve their ads for them will profit Bing and the website owners and would allow competition to Google’s adsense. Truth is adsense needs competition, they are getting a bit diva/spoiled princess.

When a person uses a search engine, they don’t want to be told how to search. People do searches like they think. They type it like they expect it to work. Not like they are told a search engine should be. Bing can do this if they just look at the most common searches. They all look like a question. Bing has this information. Google has this information. Yahoo, I have no idea why yahoo quit like that.

If you have suggestions for Bing or Yahoo post them here in a response.