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Low Cost Unlimited Website Host

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Low Cost Unlimited Website Host

Posted in : Web Design, webdesign, website on by : TruXter

The webhost I use has been offering 2 years of website hosting for under $100. Through windows I call [[Unlimited Website Host]]. When you click that link, scroll to the bottom of the page. Prices are at the bottom.

When most webhosts charge you $140 (or close to give or take) a year, you must know that you are saving quite a penny by at least giving this place a try. They are fast. The email is imap or pop, your choice.
They are not saying hos much longer this deal will last but they did recently announce another deal. Typically that would mean all past deals would phase out soon. Though the new deal sounds great, I am not sure if my code will allow half off of the new deal. So you could land at paying slightly more than what I can get you.

I have been with this company for , coming up on 5 years now.  I am very pleased with their service and the quality of their operations. Customer service is easy to speak with and very quick at getting problems solved.

You will get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited emails,unlimited ftp users. Anything I can think of, is unlimited.


I hope you give their [[Low cost Website Host]] a try and respond below about your experience with the company. Two years for less than $100, It’s worth a shot.


Yes I do get paid when you click the Powweb links on my website. And yes I do use Powweb’s service and I recommend it, to family, to friends, to anyone who wants to know what a good webhost is. I even got the company I work for on Powweb. I even have a few co-workwers on Powweb.