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News on Next Blizzard Game – MMO Titan

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  15. News on Next Blizzard Game – MMO Titan

News on Next Blizzard Game – MMO Titan

Posted in : game, games, gaming, pc game, video game, video games on by : TruXter

Makers of Starcraft,Warcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft have a new game coming out. The game is called Titan
There is talk about Warcraft the movie. Mostly confirmed. and there is talk about the next Starcraft. There will be two games released at the same time, first time that blizzard has done this since 1998.
ok quick post enjoy the video.

Thank you Blizzard for keeping PC gaming alive.!!!!

One thought on "News on Next Blizzard Game – MMO Titan"

  • goatboy9099 2011/02/27

    Great news!! I had never heard of this new game until I saw this post. I am certainly am grateful Blizzard is continuing and am sure with their excellent track record this will be a winner.

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