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One Month Review of G1 HTC Android.

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  19. One Month Review of G1 HTC Android.

One Month Review of G1 HTC Android.

Posted in : cell phone, communication, electronic, electronics, phone, review, smart phone, tech on by : TruXter

Well I have had my G1 for one month.

On day one, it crashed about 3 times.

On day two it got an update to something, no clue it happened so fast and I had no idea how to work anything on it, that I may never know. After the update I had crashes the whole day . Finally found the applications and what ones I could install.

I have to have all background processes turned off, otherwise it is super dead slow. Barcode scanners all seem to be just advertisement for national companies. Mostly target and  some drug store. Read More about the Android Barcode scanner here.

While searching the apps online, every single app has some clown saying ” app froze would not run had to uninstall found better one” then they say the name of  the supposed better one. I have come to the conclusion they are smearing  and trying to promote their own app..  If it freezes, turn background processes back on.. you will move slow, but yeah, it will work.

I hate the limitations of this cell phone. I have an 8 gig memory card in the machine, but it seems to only install new apps to the phone, not the memory card. That bugs the hell out of me, because default storage for the phone is like one song. There is no way to change that.

The phone has been out for just over a year, yet they already have the G2 on it’s way to the shelves? if not already released???? why? they knew it sucked?

Screen area is huge and the resolution is remarkable. The camera takes an amazing picture, audio is pretty good through good head set, if you have the right adapter. Internet is super fast if you use the wifi settings and have a fast connection at your house (lol). I have actually seen over 2 megs a second, considering I have a 20meg a second connection, it is possible. Pandora Radio and ars radio are the best features. Other than running around in your skivvies playing with the light-saber app.

yesterday I pulled out one of my old Motorola phones, slapped my sim card in it, and bam, I get a bunch of text messages.. Has that freaking phone been missing my texts? Is that why she dumped me ? is that why i lost that bid for the job? what in the heck ???

Not happy, selling pretty soon.

I will be going back to my Blackberry 8100, just hope I can get used to the double tap simi qwerty keyboard.