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Wireless Wars

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Wireless Wars

Posted in : RANT, tech, wifi on by : TruXter

wifi_warsSo.. I found that one of my neighbors (not sure which one) finds it funny to get into my wifi and reboot it randomly.
oh boy, so you can hack a wifi. You smart little wifi hacker you.


I turned off the wifi broadcast for about an hour and headed to the garage.
Brought in my box full of wireless routers.

logged into each one, and gave them the name my wireless connection had.
and ran through them all turning wifi back on. then placing them around the house at all walls and corners I could.

Log back into my actual wifi, and turn off ssid broadcasting and changed password. ad changed the actual ssid.

So.. basically I gave my neighbor a hand full of routers that don’t have an internet connection at all, to my neighbor to pointlessly play with.
Takes one down, there’s 7 others.

stupid little twit.

I will if I have to, run to fry’s and load up on a bunch of 14 dollar routers and name each one after each of the signals I see broadcasting.

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