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Netflix and Godaddy

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Netflix and Godaddy

Posted in : media, networking, review, tech on by : TruXter

Should both Netflix and Godaddy really be crammed down our throats every time we boot up our computers?
Have you ever been to their sites?
Netflix, they sponsor every dang podcast I listen to and every online video I watch. (well not all but many). Have you ever looked at the shows they offer on Netflix? I mean even Redbox has a larger, better and higher quality selection than Netflix. I truly do not like Redbox. I stop there all the time, smear my snot on the screen as I flip through the first page or so of videos and walk away feeling ashamed I did it again. Heck the Redbox movies are just a dollar and I can get up, grab one movie and be back home watching it, before it ever even comes out on Netflix. If it shows up there. mean while you hog up all of the bandwidth using Netflix and your spouse is mad and your kids are mad.

Godaddy. You ever decide you want to buy a domain name? Ever find that someone bought that domain name but never did anything with it? Yeah that person is typically on Godaddy. It’s like everyone found a place that has a known name and decided to buy from there. Kind of like Walmart. Everyone knows it’s there and the people that shop there, have no idea why you call their stuff crap. Well the people who buy up domain names and do nothing with them are called “squatters”. That name sounds a bit negative, right? Of course it does. It’s meant to. I mean you have a great idea for that domain name and that jerk has 700 domain names and does nothing with them. One of his domain names you have a brilliant idea and are not able to use it now. Now your Websitedesigner dot what ever domain name has to be 1websitedeigner1 dot what ever is available.

Cool they have a domain auction section on their site. That just further provokes even more people to just buy up random named domain names and sell them at scary high prices. Meanwhile their prices are no better than other domain registrars.

Would be nice if the ads would just lay up or be in relevant media.

What’s more likely to happen, I will end up renting a Netflix movie and find a Godaddy commercial at the beginning. Or register with godaddy and find a netflix ad in some banner I can’t remove from my site.

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