Inexpensive ways to Speed up Your Computer

These are the steps I take to speed up my computer. I have been doing this since my first computer, when I first noticed it was getting slow. These steps work every single time I have had an issue with a computer running slow. and I never really had to buy much. Except for canned air.

First thing is, any software that runs when you first start your computer, that is an optional software that you yourself installed, go into the options area of that software and tell it not to run at computer start up . It’s always better practice that when you install the software, tell it not to run at start up. That way you make sure the software never is an issue. If the software installer does not allow you to do so, then try the options area once you confirm that the software runs at start up. One easy way to check is look over by your clock. There might be a few icons around the clock. Go to each one of those items and right click them, go to options and turn those things off and tell them not to run at start up.
If that does not work and the option to dissable auto run is not available. Then you might have to resort to Msconfig and look in the second to far right tab. Should say “startup”. Look for anything that you installed. I myself right away look for “Jusched”, Jusched is Java Update Scheduler. Why is that running? why is that not an optional update? why does it cripple so many computers? Next is I disable anything adobe. but that is only because I don’t use adobe for anything but reading a pdf file. That can run when requested. the whole fast start stuff is bull crap and shouldn’t be an option. Adobe opens no slower if you opt out of fast start. If it does, it’s not much.. maybe three seconds. just for that I typically uninstall adobe from the computer I am using and resort to the faster safer alternative, called “foxit” lets you do more than adobe reader and is faster loading with tabs.
Next is I run a malware scanner, Like a-Squared, Bit defender
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Bit Defender Antivirus

Once the malware is removed. Yeah. I say that as if I am sure something is on there. Instead of the first reboot, I shut the computer off. I crack the case open and locate all heatsinks. Drag the whole computer outside and grab some canned air. I think blast the motherboard, the processor (CPU), the video card (GPU), north bridge , memory sticks, hard drives and cd/dvd drives and then I blast and wipe the interior of the computer case.
after I get the computer put back together, I boot the computer up and go about my merry way.
Some people tell you that you need to run a defragment with your computer. I don’t see it doing much good these days anymore. Maybe back when hard drives were smaller than a floppy disk This would be a big issue, but now, the hard drives are so large, and processors are so fast and the computers come with so much memory in them, a defragment of the hard drive would be like a drop of water in a planet covered in water. Very ineffective and undetectable by a human. but you can try it. It shouldn’t hurt you. Defrag is located somewhere in your menu, usually under system tools in the start menu of all windows computers. Been there for years. Crazy they took out program manager but not defrag.
none the less, that should help you out a bit in making your computer a bit faster, or closer to the speed your computer was when you first bought it.
If you do these steps on a regular basis like once every two or three months, you should pretty much keep your computer running good for a long time with this. I usually do this stuff the same weekends I get my oil changed on my car. keeps my synced up.

I actually do all of this every time a friend or a relative asks me to work on their computer. Just getting their computer back running faster is enough to make them happy.