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Which celebrity you look alike, facebook exploit

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Which celebrity you look alike, facebook exploit

Posted in : privacy, security on by : Tips Of Tech

This page is coming down because I will not help Facebook if Facebook doesn’t help you.
and it is in your best interest to leave that place. It is everything myspace was becoming when we all left.
Facebook banned me because I will not send them a picture of my driver’s license.


Latest exploit to facebook is the “Awesome, Which celebrity you look alike? : http://www.facebook.com/CelebslikeYou/app_XXXXXXXXXXXXX”

Looks like Facebook has allowed an ap in their network that is exploited. or extremely stupid. I just had 5 female friends fall for that dang thing, and there seems to be only three pictures that the ap uses to tell people they look like. There is no logic to the ap at all. Long face looks like round face, brown hair looks like blond, curly hair looks like straight. Wide eyes look like tiny eyes.


I am not sure if the ap has a virus in it or not, but it looks like it’s bogus and the ap is just used to get you to willingly give up your personal information.
One thing for certain, this is an Exploit in your gullibility.
Here’s how you remove all personal information access that this ap has tricked you out of.

look to the top right of your facebook page
Next to the word “Home” is a triangle pointing down. Click that and select “Privacy settings”.
privacy setting facebook

Now move your mouse to where you see “edit settings” to the right of

Ads, Apps and Websites
Manage your settings for ads, apps, games and websites.

Click on edit settings.

Next you will see a small window section that says “Apps you use” on the right of that you will see “edit settings”

Click the edit settings button and delete everything you no longer care for, including the ap you just installed

Now would be a great time to change your Facebook password also.